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BlockZ is a brand new puzzle game for the ZX  Spectrum.

Move the Blocks around the screen but they can only move in the direction(s)  shown on the block. If a block comes to rest touching one or more blocks then they will disappear. Make all the blocks disappear against the clock to complete the level.

You get 5 chances to restart if you mess it up.

You can also resume your game from the highest level you reached in your current gaming session, however your score will start at zero and you will be starting from a harder level.

Load in 48k - SFX Only

Load in 128k - Lovely music and SFX

You can download this game and play it in your favourite ZX Spectrum emulator.

I find http://torinak.com/qaop simple to use because it is a Browser Based emulator.

However more sophisticated emulators such as FUSE, Spectaculator and many others are available.

The game can also be run on a real ZX Spectrum computer and even the Spectrum Next

Game written By Raymond Russell @raymierussell on Twitter

Music written by @SpectrumNez on Twitter

Install instructions

This game can be loaded in 48k mode or 128k mode.

48k will lack music.

You can re-define keys and if you have a Sinclair joystick you can use that by defining the keys as the directions on the Joystick.

You can run it in a ZX Spectrum emulator for Chromebook, Android, PC, MAC, Linux etc.


The real hardware using one the appropriate apps that loads tap files into real hardware as if they were a cassette. Or if you have a modern SD Card reader device* connected to your spectrum it can be loaded via that.

*There is a know issue where the letter keys appear not work on some SD card reader machines.I am actively seeking a solution.

==BlockZ (C)2020 Raymond Russell==

This game is free to download and play but I retain all copyright to the code,  game mechanics and so forth.

The only exception to this is the music and its composer who retains its copyright.   

This is the official download site for this game please do not distribute by any other means.


BlockZ.tap 24 kB


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Oh, great speccy puzzler, love it! Keep a good work \o/

Thanks, love your stuff also.

Game dosn't support joystick :-(.

Sorry Solaris, It was mostly programmed on my Chromebook and I didn't have a practical way to test a joystick feature. 

I hope it doesn't detract from your enjoyment. 

I have included  a re-define keys option so that to help the situation, so you can choose your preferred keys.

Redefine keys dos't support numerical keys 1-0. Sinclair joystick use key 6,7,8,9,0.

Watch this space. I feel an update in the air.

Update with the ability to define number keys is available...enjoy

Thank you very much :-)

Addictive game play, great sound and colours. Congratulations on an amazing game!

Thanks for the kind words.

Very nicely done, matey. Polished too. I was a bit shit at it, only got 2 level 3 on my first go, but it's a nice puzzler.

Thanks For the kind comment.

With a bit of practice I am sure you will get to level 50!

It would convert nicely to other platforms

Its not something I would do myself at the moment but I wouldn't object if someone wanted to have a try.